Recommended QL Pilot

A comparison of any 7 stocks you choose or the individual analysis of any single stock.  The metrics are all qualitative because you already know how to quantify numbers.  Quantifying your judgments in non-numerical language is new so we limit the pilot to the qualitative metrics. Both templates have 4 qualitative metrics:

  1. management
  2. catalysts
  3. risks (3)
  4. x factors.

We pre-load the pilot with the (1) 7 stocks or the individual stock you choose, (2) the 3 sub-risks, and  (3) a set of judgments.  The Answer is a ranking of your stock or a target price for a single stock.

Phase 1 permits you to customize the weights and judgments – but not the metrics.  Phase 2 allows you to change the metrics also.

Time Investment

2-8 hours to learn the THINKSheet basics, depending upon whether you choose to do a tutorial to start.  Doing a tutorial before you start to play with the model saves learning time.  Getting the right assumptions and answers varies by user.  The pilot templates are loaded with instructions and PDF Starter Manuals are available upon request.  We are also very hands-on during the pilot process.  As soon as you finish the pilot.

Post-Pilot Development Plan

You can then build more comprehensive models by adding incremental modules over time.