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A Visual Collaboration System for Professionals

The purpose of this site is to enable our team, clients, partners and anyone else with professional-level expertise in the drivers of oil prices to use our TST Oil Price Platform to collaborate more effectively when forecasting major movements in oil prices.  (The driver categories include demand, supply, macro, geopolitics, the dollar and financial markets.)

Our collective focus will be on identifying small sets of oil price drivers and causal chains that drive major movements not priced in by the market.  We scale these drivers into 3 swans categories – black swans, gray swans and catalysts – depending upon their probability and impact. (See Swans ApproachWe expect to generate many diverse scenarios that enable multiple contributors to play “what if” at high speed until satisfied their assumptions are consistent and their answers correct. We call these sets of drivers and logic chains TST Market Mover Scenarios.

Live Oil Website Organization

LiveOilWebsiteOrganizationSample Scenarios are Market Mover Scenarios generated by our team;  TST Trading is the system we use to trade oil futures; Swans Watch is a list of potential swans generated by our team plus contributors.  News is news about oil prices; Research is research about oil prices;  Photos + Videos provides a gallery of photos and videos;  Appendices includes a set of reference materials.


News, Research and Photos & Videos sites have subsites for China Real Estate, Energy Geopolitics, and US Shale Oil Production.  Appendices includes Platform, Methodology and Users & Users. You can access these sites from the Live Oil menus above.