Best-Thought-Process Methodology

THINKSheet is a best-thought-process methodology plus a toolset to implement it.   The best-though-process methodology is actual a broad set of best-thought process components that professionals combine in a virtually infinite variety of ways when making and communicating decisions.  The choice of thought process depends upon a number of variables and tradeoffs, including complexity, simplicity, time, speed, QL and QT factors, language and methods of comparison.  You can see the broad variety of thought processes and models in the table below for our main products, TST Equities, TST Global Macro, TST China, TST Energy, TST Oil Prices and TST Real Estate.

The Dynamic Drivers Model reflects our choice of variables.  The criteria for the Dynamic Drivers model is qualitative factors in the “language of oil prices”, simplicity and speed.  The model is thus limited to 7 drivers, weights and 2 metrics – impact and probability.

Picture Your Thought ProcessTM

Picture Your Thought ProcessTM is the simple tagline for the ultimate objective of THINKSheet – which is to enable our users to quantify, visualize and improve their thought processes – – – and reap the accuracy, transparency, efficiency and collaborative benefits of doing so.

Organizational Framework

TST Oil Price System is organized based upon a 2 tier taxonomy.  The 6 Tier 1 categories are below and each has 7 sub-categories for a total of 42 categories.  We then break the categories down into numerical metrics and qualitative metrics and use the Fixed Drivers Model to generate an algorithmic forecast and the qualitative metrics for a Dynamic Drivers forecast.  We then weight then based upon the conditions applicable at the time of decision.


Comprehensive Yet  Simple Checklists

THINKSheet is an all-inclusive methodology.  You can cover any type of QL and QT factor in virtually any type of language.  To increase the odds you will not overlook key factors and properly synthesize them on one page, THINKSheet provides a set of matrices that enable you to see the factors with the greatest impact and their potential interconnections.  There are five of them on the Matrices  page:

  1. Specialized Categories
  2. Residual Categories
  3. China Real Estate Values
  4. Middle East Geopolitics
  5. US Shale Oil Production