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Organizational Framework

TST Oil Systems is organized based on a multi-tier taxonomy.  The taxonomy organizes all There are 6 Tier 1 categories and 7 Tier 2 categories for a total of 42 categories.  The Tier 1 categories are demand, supply, macro, geopolitics, the dollar and oil prices as illustrated below.

Taxonomy 2


TST Equities Model Template Inventory Samples

One of the best ways to get a sense of THINKSheet’s versatility is to review our large inventory of equities model templates co-developed with premier directors of research, sell- & buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, traders and strategists – most of whom are shareholders.  The co-developers leveraged our proprietary non-numerical algorithms to compare their judgments about their stocks using the same methods of comparison and rich language they use to speak and write in the ordinary course of business. E.g., stories, metaphors, themes, acronyms, and hierarchies.

The templates are modular, enabling us to work with you to copy sub-model, metric, rich comparison language, scenario, and logic modules and recombine them into customized TST models that meet your specific needs.  The templates embed a broad variety of asset classes, investment styles, model structures, market cycles, scenarios, and judgments in non-numerical language.  The table below summarizes the QL & QT metrics for a sample set of TST Equities templates.

QL+QT Metrics for Sample Equities Templates