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There are 2 types of content on this site: frameworks and THINKSheets.  The frameworks help you develop the best frameworks for your thought processes and the THINKSheets (turquoise) model them.  There are also 2 categories of scenarios: single analysis and multiple.   The single scenario is the 2010 Recovery and the multi-scenarios are 2010, 2011 and 2012 Recoveries.

There are 4 THINKSheets in the 2010 Recovery Scenario: Best Acquisition, Financials, Critical Issues and Individual Properties.  Best Acquisition is the 1PAGER display that synthesizes your thought process at the point of decision.  Financials is a sub-model for the financial analysis; Critical Issues are the dynamic factors; and Individual Properties shows both the Tier 1 & Tier 2 metrics for individual properties.

he Multi-Scenario category includes the frameworks for the 3 scenarios plus the summary of the results of the 3 THINKSheets for the 3 scenarios:

2010 Recovery Scenario (3)

Best Acquisition THINKSheet Framework – 2010 Recovery Scenario (3)


Best Acquisition THINKSheet 1PAGER – 2010 Recovery Scenario (3)


Critical Issues THINKSheet – 2010 Recovery Scenario (3)


Financials THINKSheet – 2010 Recovery Scenario (3)

OfficeAcquisitionsFinancialsTSTMetrics Categories – 2010 Recovery Scenario (3)


Metrics Importance – 2010 Recovery Scenario (3)


Individual Property Analysis


Multi-Scenario Model Frameworks


 Multi-Scenario THINKSheet Results