Best-Thought-Process Modeling Services

We provide an array of services to help you model your best thought processes. We help you:

  • Define your best thought processes
  • Develop framework for organizing them
  • Laser-focus on your drivers
  • Choose best language to communicate them
  • Choose best algorithms to quantify your analysis
  • Synthesize your thought process as a story
  • Make your models dynamic
  • Improve your thought process over time.

You can synthesize and sync your mental and TST visual models and update them dynamically. Your speech and writing language is free-form; however, your model language is structured and abbreviated to fit legibly into small model cells.

Your best thought process is defined by these characteristics:

  • It is complete, including QL+QT factors
  • It prioritizes the most important metrics & assumptions
  • It ranks your decision options using a common measurement system
  • It uses the rich language of your profession
  • It distills reasoning in easy-to-understand story
  • It highlights the factors that drive your outcomes
  • It is flexible, dynamic, & instantaneous.

We help you organize your work flow around your TST models. This includes managing your models and creating research reports & PPT presentations – using your TST models for maximum speed and efficiency.

Drivers Management Services

We help you develop a system for managing your drivers – using your model framework as the starting point. The services include:

  • Identifying the metrics & criteria
  • Defining your metrics and criteria
  • Developing simple databases for your drivers
  • Integrating them into your workflow

The advantage of these Drivers Databases is that you can laser-focus on your drivers from the beginning to end of your investment process.

The Drivers Databases include:

  • Taxonomy
  • Database of drivers
  • Ranking & filtering features
  • Criteria & definitions

You rank all of our drivers in the Drivers Database; you categorize and filter them into categories for best analysis; you create criteria to make them consistent; and, finally, you feed the most important ones into your TST models.

Integration Services

We can help you develop and organize your TST models and drivers databases to work together seamlessly.

The benefits of combining the models and databases are greater than the models alone due to your ability to focus on the drivers at all times and seamlessly feed them into your TST models.

The benefits are that you can:

  • Cover more decisions more comprehensively
  • Increase probability of accuracy
  • Communicate more transparently
  • Collaborate more efficiently