FAQ – Pilot

FAQ – Pilot

  1. What is Pilot Template
  2. What are the Pilot Objectives?
  3. What are the Stocks and Drivers
  4. Why Only Qualitative Metrics
  5. What Happens After Pilot
  6. What are Pilot Benefits

What is Pilot Template

How long does it take to learn the ThinkSHEET basics in a tutorial?

2-6 hours.


What are Pilot Objectives?

Why so little time?

We provide easy to follow tutorials for our simplest templates that feature the techniques for communicating, quantifying and visualizing the 3 qualitative factors below:

  • catalysts,
  • risks (3 subrisks)
  • x factors.

We are also very hands-on during the pilot  process.

What does the Qualitative Tutorial do?

It ranks the 7 largest economies (BRICs, EU, Japan and US) based on your judgments about the 3 qualitative metrics.

How soon can I deploy my ThinkSHEET models?

As soon as you finish the Qualitative Tutorial. You can then build more comprehensive models by adding incremental modules over time.