3. Roll-Out Plan

Pilot Timeline & Services

The timeline below summarizes the tasks and time frames for the completion of the Pilot ThinkSheets.  The task allocation is designed to keep the time to deployment invested by Upland to around 4 hours — with the THINKSheet team doing virtually all of the model customization work.  The 4 hours excludes your all-important thinking time in which you simply think about your best thought process and judgments and how to quantify and visualize them so you provide guidance to our team THINKSheet team with respect to your best thought process.

Tasks & Timeline


The most important questions for today’s session are how you want to use THINKSheet.  The potential uses are for:

  • major movement forecasts
  • risk management
  • most probable price change forecasts.

Proactive Customization Services

We are very proactive in the customization process.  This is  due to our expertise not only in THINKSheet system development but also in oil prices and equities.  We will thus be recommending elements to the THINKSheets we believe are valuable in addition to those specifically requested by you.    Our services include, but are not limited to, model design, customization and testing.  The model content includes metrics and weighting, swans, catalysts, and drivers, and scenarios.  The bottom line is that we are equally incentivized to deliver to Upload pilot THINKSHEETs that are accurate, transparent and efficient and provide Upland with a competitive advantage as you are.

We use this site to develop THINKSheet pilots so prospective users can see how efficient the process is.  We do the customization work and prospects simply provide periodic guidance.  We are currently developing a pilot model for a portfolio manager to manage his stock selection process for his energy stocks. There are 7 sub-sites in three categories: (1) Site Overview, (2) TST Model Development & Use and (3) Portfolio Manager User Docs.  The Development & Use sites help to manage the development and use of the model; the Portfolio Manager User Docs are user docs customized for the Portfolio Manager team and our team.  You can access the sites via the links that follow the site description table below:

Site Descriptions


  1. Ranking Model
  2. Swans Watch
  3. Tasks + Timeline
  4. Model Framework
  5. TMethod + Metrics
  6. Model Templates
  7. TST References.

 Development Caveat

We started to develop the pilot THINKSheetsTM on October 2, 2015,  We will publish the THINKSheets as they evolve so  everyone on the manager’s team and our team can collaborate on making the THINKSheets  Picture the Manager’s Thought Process  dynamically at any point in time.  The initial versions of the models are designed to trigger the imagination of the manager in specifying what his best thought process is and how to quantify and visualize it.  Since the development process is in the early stage, expect mistakes, omissions & inconsistencies as we play “what if” with the models.  We will indicate when the THINKSheets are final and actionable by the manager.

Proprietary Option

Using this public website makes it easy for everyone involved to collaborate on the model.  The manager has the option to move any work product he considers proprietary to our password-protected website that uses MSFT SharePoint as the cloud infrastructure and is hosted by Microsoft.